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A place with atmosphere of sincere communication for energetic and bright people: entrepreneurs, travelers and men of art. For those who appreciate everything natural—both in food and in people.

Philosophy of Stroganina Bar

For the last 5 years we have held and visited a lot of events where we met very interesting entrepreneurs, businessmen, travelers and men of art. We were lucky to meet “live”, “real” personalities, bright-eyed and keen to make the world around a better place. 10 minutes or 1 hour spent with such companion reminds you that every person is born for great and good things. Having been inspired and charged with energy of such people, we continued our way.
Now we are trying to recreate such atmosphere of sincere communication in Stroganina Bar. We invite here our friends and relatives, people from Siberia and other places; we are happy to see here those who appreciate everything live and natural—both in food and in people.
We will be pleased to meet you and start our long-term friendship.